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Malvin Chiwanga is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and businessman based in the United Kingdom. He have made it into the energy sector at an international scale. Malvin Chiwanga is the founder and CEO of Matrix Petroleum – an international petroleum company based in Guernsey, where he is responsible for leading the development and execution of the company’s strategies. He also serves as Chairman of Matrix Group, providing leadership to the board, and is responsible for the board’s composition and development. Moreover, the businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has transformed Matrix Petroleum into a successful multimillion company with a strong financial performance, built upon strategic transactions. His business model is about buying and revamping underperforming businesses. Malvin is a successful entrepreneur who runs a multimillion dollar company, and is passionate about giving back, and sharing his experiences in order to inspire the youth to make better decisions. “Work in silence and let your success make the noise.” - He is often heard saying to the many people under his employ, as well as the youth he mentors. Matrix distributes petroleum products around the world, which then sell them to third parties, such as independent retailers and commercial and industrial companies. It provides a full range of fuel products to these wholesale customers and helps them meet their specific local demands. Furthermore, Matrix Petroleum builds strong relationships with wholesalers by delivering the right product to them, at the right time and price, backed up by their strong safety track record and reliability of supply.

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